Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mekong Delta

Just finished my first day in the Mekong Delta. I'm part of a tour so the experience isn't as good as it would be without all the tourists. Still, it's fun.

I'm on my own now so I've been making friends with the tourists. I made a friend with a French Vietnamese girl who took me around the town that we're staying in tonight. She speaks fluent Vietnamese and it's nice to have her help.

We went to a restaurant where I tried fried snake meat with onion. It was delicious! Afterwards we got some fruits that I haven't tried before and we ate those while deciding what to do. I thought I'd find an internet cafe and do an update.

I haven't taken too many photos here, but that ought to change tomorrow. We're going to a floating market, a market on the river. That should be interesting.

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