Friday, August 25, 2006

An eight hour stop over in Korea

I met up with Kheang at the airport and we exchanged stories of what we've been up to. It sounds like he had a lot of fun in Cambodia, that is after he recovered from the night of hard partying. He said it was really hard for him to leave. I can imagine, I found it hard to leave and I'm not even from there.

I didn't realize that we had such a long stop over in Korea, eight hours! We've been killing time in and around the airport for the last few hours. It's pretty ironic coming here, to a brand new ultra modern air port, from ruined temples and jungles of Cambodia and Vietnam. This airport is quite interesting in design. I can't decide if I like it or hate it. It's brand new, I think they finished it in 2004 and it looks like something out of a Philip K. Dick novel. It looks more neat from the outside, but I wasn't able to upload those as I moved them over to my mp3 player as soon as I got a chance. The guards here don't like people taking photos of the airport and we had to be pretty discreet. I'd hate to have my camera confiscated, but more so I'd hate to lose any of my photos. ;)

I'm quite tired, I didn't get a lot of sleep on the flight to Korea. Mostly due to the interactive screens that they have on the back of each seat on these new planes. You can choose the movies, games or music you want to play or go on the internet. I tried to cram two movies into the flight, which was just over four hours. I fell asleep during the first one and watched most of the second one. They were pretty cheesy.

We don't have much longer to go for our next flight. Kheang is passed out on a nearby bench and I'm playing on the internet. Our next stop over is in Seattle and I'm hoping we'll have the same sort of interactive seats on that plane. It might be better for me not to, as I'm not able to resist the free movies and I won't get any sleep. I might need that sleep to get passed the U.S. customs security. They give me a hard time as is, and with all the sun I got in Cambodia and with the longer beard, I might not be allowed through to Calgary. :)

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