Thursday, August 10, 2006

Marko gets hair cut by the Hanoi highway

Marko gets haircutAfter my last post, Kheang and I decided to go to a near by park and rest for a bit, before our long trip to Sapa and Fan Si Pan. We sat in the park for only a short while before I got bored. Kheang was reading a book that he bought for 70,000 dong ($5), an illegal photocopy of "The Quiet American" and thinks he got ripped off. I think he was just being nice to the guy who kept complaining about having no money and living in a village far away, hoping to one day be a cook.

We decided we were going to head over to a nearby lake that provided us with great sunset photos the night before. Kheang said he would try a "short-cut". Note-to-self and others who may in the future travel with Kheang, bring a map just in case. We must have crossed Hanoi three times and at one point took a street that took us right out of town in some farm/swamp land. Hanoi is no small city, it was quite a walk! But no worries, we're back, safe and sound.

The walking tour wasn't a disaster. We did get to see Hanoi like no other tourist has (maybe not even the locals) and I did manage to get my hair cut for 14,000 dong (not even $1). I found myself a friendly hair stylist situated right next to a busy highway. Kheang took a photo and I thought it'd be worthwhile sharing this one.

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Anonymous said...

Nice haircut Marko... the girls won't be able to resist!