Monday, August 14, 2006

Extra day in Hanoi

After our trip in the jungle we returned to Hanoi thinking that we'd be flying to Cambodia right away, but it turns out we have an extra day here. I thought it'd be nice to not do anything and just relax. I came to use the internet here and found out that some of the photos I put on this computer were still here. I wasn't able to upload them before, but it turns out I can now. So here are some photos from Hanoi.

A house in Hanoi with the scooters parked in front.

A temple on Hoan Kiem lake

A very popular sight in Hanoi, this bridge leads to the temple in the photo above

The market place in the old quarter of the city

You see a lot of women carrying all sorts of things on their shoulder. Sometimes they'll approach you and ask you if you want to take their picture for some money. I got this one for free :)

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Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures Marko... can't wait to see the other 2000! Charles