Saturday, August 19, 2006

Phnom Penh

This morning a mini-van picked us up for the boat ride to Phnom Penh and we were just packed in there like sardines. Imagine 19 people in a mini-van; that's how many Kheang counted. Luckily the ride to the boat wasn't long and soon we were going down the Mekong river.

It was a fun ride. We sat on the roof of the boat while our luggage was in the cabin. We passed by many villages and it was neat to see all the houses on stilts. Once you get near the river and away from Siem Reap you really notice the poverty. The people look so poor. They still put on a smile and waved as we passed them by.

In Phnom Penh it was a challenge getting off the boat and to the hotel as we were mobbed by tuk tuk drivers who were trying to get us over to the hotels that they would get commission from. They just don't take no for an answer. We pushed through and walked away from all the craziness. We got a hotel a block away from Kheang's relatives where we're having dinner tonight.

Kheang and I are parting ways. I think he wants to meet some ladies.

Actually he has decided to spend more time with his family in Cambodia as he doesn't think he'll be coming back here for a long time. He's decided to reschedule his flight to Ho Chi Minh city and we'll meet there right before our flight day back to Calgary.

I'll have about five days to myself and it should be interesting. I think I'll try to meet some other travellers on the plane and see if any are going to the Mekong Delta. It seems a lot of travellers hook up and travel together. I guess it's beneficial for a number of reasons.

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