Friday, August 18, 2006

Hello Cambodia

We're in Cambodia, Siem Reap. I'm enjoying it here, but from what I hear and see, this isn't the real Cambodia. The city is set up for tourists, half of the people are tourists. Mostly Japanese and Korean. We're spending three nights here and tonight is our last one.

We've been doing the temples every day and getting lots of photos. The people that have been here told me I would get "templed out" but it hasn't happened. Even Kheang who has been here before thought he would only stay for two nights, but he's stayed for three. The last time he wasn't as into photography as he is now and I think that makes a difference. We've taken way too many photos, we've had to go back to the hotel just to unload and go back to the temples to take more.

The temples are defintely amazing and it makes our previous temple visits pretty mediocre. I think I could spend a few more days here, but at $40 dollars for three days maybe it's best to move on. Things here are much more expensive than in Viet Nam.

Tomorrow we're catching a boat ride to Phnom Penh. It's funny, everything for Kheang is either free or a fraction of the cost. They love to charge the tourists extra. He just walks through while I pull out my wallet. I think I'll have to sell some of these photos just to make this trip cost effective.

I'm looking forward to Phnom Penh to see some authentic Cambodian life styles. We're thinking of renting motorcycles and riding to Kheang's grandparent's house. It should be a five hour ride. Should be fun.

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